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Arctic Business appoints renowned David Eriksson as Partner Manager

Arctic Business, Collab, North KingdomDavid Eriksson, Partner Manager

Arctic Business is delighted to announce the appointment of David Eriksson as Partner Manager. With a long and distinguished international career, Mr. Eriksson brings a wealth of network, experience, and expertise to this pivotal role.

In today's landscape, the ability of startups to innovate and address global sustainability challenges is of utmost importance. Recognizing this, the synergy between traditional industries and startups will play an increasingly crucial role in driving innovation and change. In light of this imperative, Arctic Business has appointed Mr. Eriksson as Partner Manager.

In his new role, Mr. Eriksson will lead the Collab processes at Arctic Business, matching challenges from international industry with innovative SMEs/startups worldwide to foster innovation from northern Sweden. Collab Composites is the inaugural sector, where Arctic Business and Piteå Science Park are collaborating to tackle challenges from SAAB Avionics and Hitachi Energy, with seven startups offering solutions to their needs. Moving forward, Collab will extend its offerings to sectors like Energy, Raw Materials & Minerals, and Space from various locations in northern Sweden.

"I am eager to cultivate an ecosystem of international industrial leaders and startup companies collaborating in novel ways to develop innovative and sustainable solutions originating from northern Sweden," says David Eriksson, Partner Manager for Arctic Business.

David Eriksson's appointment marks a significant milestone for Arctic Business, and he will be based in Skellefteå. With over 20 years of experience co-founding North Kingdom, working with global brands like Google, Lego and Disney, and his recent ventures into startups and board roles, David brings extensive expertise in fostering innovation and driving growth.

"Mr. Eriksson's international experience and commitment to transformative initiatives make him the ideal candidate to assume this role with us," says Jens Lundström, CEO of Arctic Business.

About Collab
Collab is a fast track to strategic partnership and innovation, facilitated by Arctic Business. It connects startups with industry leaders, matching them based on innovative ideas and technology in selected areas.

About Arctic Business
Arctic Business assists entrepreneurs in cultivating exceptional ideas to expand their businesses both nationally and internationally, originating from northern Sweden. Since 2005, Arctic Business has collaborated with over 180 companies, currently valued at over two billion Swedish kronor. Our team is presently stationed at science parks in Luleå, Piteå, and Skellefteå. The enterprise is collectively owned by LTU Holding, Norrlandsfonden, Region Norrbotten, Luleå Municipality, Skellefteå Industrihus AB, and Piteå Municipality.

For more information:
David Eriksson, Partner Manager Arctic Business: +46 (0)70-519 28 34
Jens Lundström, CEO Arctic Business: +46 (0)70-667 84 98

Om Arctic Business

Arctic Business hjälper entreprenörer utveckla extraordinära idéer med växande affärer nationellt och internationellt från norra Sverige. Sedan 2005 har Arctic Business jobbat med över 180 bolag som idag värderas till över två miljarder kronor. Vi finns idag med personal i Luleå, Piteå och Skellefteå på respektive science park. Verksamheten ägs av LTU Holding, Norrlandsfonden, Region Norrbotten, Luleå kommun, Skellefteå Industrihus AB och Piteå kommun.


Jens Lundström
Jens Lundström