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Arctic Business Recognized as ESG Rising Star by UBI Global

UBI Global rising starUBI Global rising star

Arctic Business has been recognized as one of the top-6 ESG (environmental, social, and governance) Rising Stars in the world by UBI Global. UBI Global awarded six organizations recognition for their excellent implementation of Environmental, Social and Governance strategies within their innovation ecosystem as assessed by the World Benchmark Study 2021-2022.
“Following a rigorous data-driven approach, we assessed and benchmarked incubation organizations across the world,” says Joshuah Sowah, Head of Research at UBI Global. ”Our study is in tune with the multiple facets of the international incubation ecosystem and illustrates critical challenges and opportunities the participating organizations face.”
"We are proud that the work we do togehether with our startups, business angels and board-members within sustainability and especially with regards to equality and diversification is recognized world-wide" says Stefan Lundblom, head of sustainability within Arctic Business.
For UBI Global and our community of incubators and accelerators, this edition of the WorldBenchmark Study for 2021-2022 is the first to include KPIs surrounding ESG activity among the world’sbusiness incubators and accelerators. ESG Rising Stars among the world’s business incubators andaccelerators in the Study are setting the bar for future research of ESG initiatives in our industry. These organizations are being recognized for their excellent implementation of ESG strategies impacting multiple facets of the innovation ecosystem surrounding them:
Arctic Business Incubator  (Sweden)
Crescent Innovation Incubation Council (India)
GU Ventures AB (Sweden)
prendho (Ecuador)
RMIT Actuator (Australia)
TechBridge Invest (Kenya)
UBI Global recognized these shining examples of excellence and looking forward to continuing to study the growth of ESG. For the full World Rankings Report 2021-2022 of business incubators and accelerators, please visit ubi-global.com/rankings/
About UBI Global
UBI Global is a innovation intelligence company and community specializing in mapping, highlighting, and connecting the world of business incubation. Through a community of more than 1,000 member organizations from over 90 countries worldwide, UBI Global provides matchmaking, ranking, benchmarking, and research services to corporations and business incubation organizations. UBI Global was founded in 2013 in Sweden. Previous results from UBI Global’s studies have been featured on BBC Radio, The Chicago Tribune, Le Figaro, Der Standard, The Huffington Post, The Irish Times, France 3, and many other media outlets around the world.
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Om Arctic Business

Arctic Business hjälper entreprenörer utveckla extraordinära idéer med växande affärer nationellt och internationellt från norra Sverige. Sedan 2005 har Arctic Business jobbat med över 180 bolag som idag värderas till över två miljarder kronor. Vi finns idag med personal i Luleå, Piteå och Skellefteå på respektive science park. Verksamheten ägs av LTU Holding, Norrlandsfonden, Region Norrbotten, Luleå kommun, Skellefteå Industrihus AB och Piteå kommun.


Jens Lundström
Jens Lundström