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​Success for ABI companies at AidEx in Brussels


Release from 24 of November,

The ABI companies BioCool AB and AMT Solutions AB from Skellefteå were a hit at the innovation in aid and development fair AidEx in Brussels.

”It was enjoyable and stimulating to see the attention that AMT Solutions and BioCool attracted. That is exactly the type of innovative company that both Sweden and the UN like to see active in important international procurement,” said Anders Wollter, Minister Counsellor at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

The AidEx event took place for the fifth time on 12-13 November and it was the first year an incubator was represented there with member companies. BioCool and AMT Solutions were there together with ABI - the Arctic Business Incubator.

”Sweden is a major contributor to the UN system, while our companies’ potential to produce good products, services and innovative solutions is not being fully utilised,” says Anders Wollter.

Director-General for International Development Cecilia Björner held a policy speech at AidEx on how Sweden can better fulfil that potential.

”PES, the Government Office’s Project Export Secretariat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Business Sweden are together taking a new initiative to enable this,” Anders Wollter adds.

”All our innovative companies are looking for new export markets, and it feels important and groundbreaking to create conditions together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Business Sweden for our region and Sweden as a nation,” says Katarina Öquist, business adviser at ABI.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Business Sweden have set up a meeting in mid-January to find new ways and cooperation where their challenges – and ABI’s – can benefit from synergies to get new companies to grow, and to find new international markets.

Found new co-operation partners

The CEO of BioCool Maria Forsséll points out how important it is to be informed of ABI’s processes and networks.

”A company like ours has a tough time of it, at the same time as we have the potential to create growth markets in an area where as yet Sweden is underrepresented.”

At the fair, BioCool found new potential cooperation partners in both Sweden and Norway, with whom they can create a stronger unit by working together.

”As well as that, we received invitations to Pakistan and countries in Africa,” a pleased Maria Forsséll concludes.

Facts about the ABI companies:

BioCool AB is first in the world to offer products that eliminate microorganisms in a completely risk-free and environment-friendly way. The products build on the same method, but with different innovative variations depending on the area of use. CleanWater purifies drinking water from harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and parasites. BioCool Medica oxygenates diabetic and psoriatic feet by improving blood circulation, and BioCool FootCare kills verrucas and nail fungus. Among other outlets, the products are available from Apotek Hjärtat. BioCool AB was formed in 2012 by chemist and innovator JanOlof Eriksson.

AMT Solutions has produced an airborne intensive care unit. Micus-aero, as the unit is called, has been specially developed for the transport of patients in need of intensive care. It has integral oxygen gas and attachments to keep the stretcher safe in aircraft, helicopters and road ambulances. The unit including medical equipment is tested and approved for use both in the air and on the road.

Arctic Business Incubator is Sweden's northernmost incubator and we operate from Skellefteå in the south to Kiruna in the north. Our task is to realize the dreams of entrepreneurs and through this create regional growth, prosperity and a richer habitat in Northern Sweden. Today ABI support 25 companies from several fields ranging from IT to core industries. Follow us on Facebook

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Jens Lundström
Jens Lundström